Teeth Whitening
Are your teeth stained from years of coffee drinking, smoking, food stains or just plain wear & tear?  Perhaps you imagine yourself with a sparkling white smile like those fashion models in the magazines or those actresses in the movies. You CAN have the smile of your dreams! Have your teeth professionally bleached for that photographic smile you’ve always wanted.

Teeth whitening is a painless and affordable procedure that will produce striking results in only one office visit.  Our dental hygienists can brighten your teeth and give you that smile you’ve always wanted.

With our professionally guided whitening program, you can remove stains and discoloration caused by smoking, coffee or tea. The level of whiteness that can be achieved will depend on the level of discoloration of the teeth and how they came to be stained. Enjoy a whiter, brighter smile in just a few weeks. It’s safe and effective.

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